devavani is the divine voice which moves and speaks
through the mediator, who becomes an empty vessel,
a channel. this meditation is a latihan of the tongue.
it relaxes the conscious mind so deeply that,
when done last thing at night, is sure to be followed by a
profound sleep.
there are four stages of 15 minutes each.
keep your eyes closed throughout.

first stage: 15 minutes
sit quietly, preferably with gentle music playing.

second stage: 15 minutes
start making nonsense sounds, for example ‘la ... la ...
la’, and continue until unfamiliar word-like sounds arise.
these sounds need to come from the unfamiliar part of
the brain used as a child, before words were learned.
allow a gentle conversational intonation; do not cry or
shout, laugh or scream.

third stage: 15 minutes
stand up and continue to speak, allowing your body to
move softly in harmony with the sounds. if your body is
relaxed the subtle energies will create a latihan outside
your control.

fourth stage: 15 minutes
lie down, be silent and still.

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