this technique consists of four stages of 15 minutes each. the first
two stages prepare the meditator  for the spontaneous latihan
of  the third stage. osho has said that if the breathing is
done  correctly  in  the first stage the carbon dioxide
formed in the bloodstream will make you feel as
high as gourishankar (mt. everest).

first stage: 15 minutes
sit    with   closed   eyes.    inhale    deeply
through  the  nose, filling the lungs. hold
the breath for as long as possible, then
exhale  gently  through the mouth and
keep the lungs empty for as long as
possible. continue this breathing
cycle throughout the first stage.

second stage: 15 minutes
return   to   normal   breathing  and
with a gentle gaze look at a candle
flame or a flashing blue light. keep
your body still.

third stage: 15 minutes
with closed eyes, stand up and let
your body  be  loose  and  receptive.
the  subtle  energies  will   be  felt  to
move  the  body  outside  your  normal
control.  allow  this  latihan  to  happen.
donít  you  do  the  moving:   let  moving
happen, gently and gracefully.

fourth stage: 15 minutes
lie down with closed eyes, silent and still.
the first three stages should be accompanied by
a steady rhythmic beat, preferably combined with a
soothing background music. the beat should be seven
times the normal heartbeat and, if possible, the flashing light
should be a synchronized strobe.

download music here