this meditation uses vocal sounds made during meditation along with music to open and
                                 harmonize the chakras while bringing awareness to them. the meditation can bring you
                                 into deep, peaceful, inner silence either through making your own vocal sounds or by just
                                 listening to and feeling the sounds within you. this meditation can be done at any time.

                                 first stage: 45 minutes
                                 stand, sit comfortably, or lie down if you prefer. keep your back straight and your
                                 body loose. breathe into your belly rather than your chest. the sounds should be
                                 made with your mouth open and your jaw loose, keeping your mouth open the
                                 whole time. close your eyes and listen to the music; if you wish, start making
                                 sounds in the first chakra. you can make a single tone or you can vary the
                                 tone. let the music guide you; however, you can be creative with your own
                                 sounds. while listening to the sound of the music or the sounds that you
                                 make, feel the sounds pulsating in the very center of your chakra, even
                                 if it seems to be imagination at first. osho has suggested that we can
                                 use the imagination in “becoming attuned to something that is already
                                 there”. so keep doing the meditation even if it feels like you may be
                                 imagining the chakras. with awareness your imagination can lead
                                 you to an experience of the inner vibrations of each center. after
                                 making sounds in the first chakra, you will hear the tones change
                                 to a higher pitch - this is the indication to listen and feel sounds
                                 in the second chakra. if you wish, you can continue making
                                 sounds also. this process is repeated all the way up to the
                                 seventh chakra.

                                 as you move from chakra to chakra, let your sounds
                                 become higher in pitch. after listening to and making
                                 sounds in the seventh chakra, the tones will descend
                                 one at a time down through all the chakras. as you
                                 hear the tones go down, listen and make sounds
                                 in each chakra. feel the inside of your body
                                 becoming hollow like a bamboo flute, allowing
                                 the sounds to resonate from the top of your 
                                 head down to the very base of your trunk.
                                 at the end of the sequence, you will hear
                                 a pause before the next sequence starts.
                                 this upward and downward movement of
                                 sound  will be repeated three times for
                                 a total of approximately 45 minutes.

                                 second stage: 15 minutes
                                 after the last sound sequence, re-
                                 main sitting or lying down in si-
                                 lence with closed eyes. remain
                                 in silence and don’t focus on
                                 anything in particular. allow
                                 yourself to become aware
                                 of and watch whatever is
                                 happening within. relax
                                 and remain a witness,
                                 not judging it.

  download music here